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Fed & Jobs Report | The Outlook for Mega-Cap Tech Stocks | Triple Play Ep. 6

Updated: Feb 8

Bill Baruch and Jannis Meindl dissect the latest economic data, including last week's Fed meeting and jobs report. Bill and Jannis also share 3 actionable stock ideas: 1.) Alphabet as the dominant player in search, 2.) Apple with stable iPhone sales along with expanding services revenue, and 3.) Amazon with an AWS profit-center vs. retail loss generator.

We provide free access to the episode's chart-pack, including all of the data discussed.


0:00 - Macro Discussion - The Fed & Jobs Data

5:30 - Alphabet - Advertising & AI Trends

11:25 - Apple - Global iPhone & Services Trends

18:15 - Amazon - Retail Margin Compression v. AWS Growth

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