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Digesting A Cautious Outlook From Home Depot & Walmart With 3 Stocks | Triple Play Ep. 8

Blue Line Capital president Bill Baruch and analyst Jannis Meindl lay out the landscape across macro markets post-CPI and strong retail sales data last week. With economic activity remaining sticky despite higher rates, markets are growing worried about a more aggressive Fed. We also talk about 3 stocks: AT&T as a value play in telecommunications, Lowe’s profiting from housing tailwinds while challenged by wage trends, and AMD as a chip turnaround story.

We provide free access to the episode's chart-pack, including all of the data discussed.


0:00 - Will The Fed Get More Aggressive?

5:09 - AT&T - Value In Telecommunications

11:26 - Lowe's - Housing Tailwinds vs. Consumer Headwinds

17:59 - AMD - The Semiconductor Turnaround

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