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Bill's Fresh Buys In Tech!

Bill Baruch is the founder and CEO of Blue Line Capital. All opinions expressed by Bill and Blue Line Capital staff are solely their own opinions and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations. The videos and opinions are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions. Understand your financial condition before investing. Blue Line Capital, its staff, or its clients may maintain positions in the securities discussed in this podcast.


Making a few moves today. He's Bill Baruch. Some fresh buys in tech, which is why he is joining us now. It's good to see you. So you bought more Apple, right? You trimmed it late July. Why now? It's taking advantage of this pullback, I suspect. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for having me on, Judge. 10% from where we sold it. It's moving down pretty good into. You know, I like to look at the broader market right now too, as a as a measured downside from where we've seen here, the sell off. You know, you talk to people earlier in the segment and, you know, you know what's in people's lunches.Apple, they're they're eating into that Apple wallet right now. I think their diversification of revenue streams is getting a little unnoticed. And then spreading into emerging market economies is definitely something to another. A is on your list. You sold Adobe on July 27th, but now you've bought it back. Yeah, Yeah. We're actually buying it back roughly where we sold it. This stock has held up extremely well through through all this volatility. You know, we're doing a couple of marketing projects with outsource marketing companies. It everybody's using Figma. I like Adobe's positions across the place space and creativity. I mean, but momentum behind this name has done really well, too.And lastly, a name that Josh knows very well, and he can opine on it after I bring it up. Oracle The new buy fly.Yeah, or it was a new stock. We have it owned and mean it's done tremendous this year. They're arguably one of the top earnings beats this this year have done well since that that June report have held really well out above there. I'm trying to find the companies that have done really well in earnings this this this year.Maybe not Apple so much, but and I think that the momentum will be there. I'm looking again I measure downside when this rate of change in the bond market stops. I think that we're going to see tech be able to start start moving higher. I want to own the leadership.Josh Oracle.I like the stock. I sold it right around here. It's not a stock that I've taken off my radar. Like I continue to follow it. I'd probably get more interested on the next breakout. I think it's in for some consolidation. This is a stock that's made a huge move. It went from being one of the cheapest large cap tech.Now it's a 37 PE, it's among the more expensive deserved because they've been executing. But I probably want to buy this with more of a tactical catalyst. But I do think I do think this will make money here.Yeah, up 40 plus percent year to date.Brian Belsky Huge balance sheet, great cash flow monster we've owned in our value portfolio for five years and not tactical for the last 12 or 18 months. It's got the best database in the world in terms of information. So of course that's going to be a great air play.All right. Hey, Bill, appreciate it very much. Appreciate you keeping us up on what's going on. We'll talk to you soon. That's Bill Baruch joining us with his new moves. Coming up, we'll give you the set up for next week. A handful of names

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